Welcome To Chocs Away!

  Welcome to Chocs Away! 
**NEW**  Super Luxury Chocolate Trees!

 chocs away tree          chocs away tree long
Created by yours truly - new in shop and just had order for SIX for a Wedding      

introducing possibly the best Chocolates and Fudge you can taste!

Exciting times! - I'm proud to introduce two new exciting products to my candy emporium.

 Firstly, luxury Devon fudge made the old-fashioned way in traditional copper pans, using only the finest ingredients, to give you an unforgettable creamy smooth taste.

Come and try this award-winning fudge with recipes developed using the skills of generations. Suitable for vegetarians, may contains nuts, gluten free.

chocs fudge           chocs fudge 2            chocs fudge 3

 Also, delicious Belgian continental chocolates and truffles sourced from award-winning Belgian and Swiss chocolatiers, using the finest Callebaut chocolate beans.

These chocolatiers have over twenty years experience of supplying to leading shops and restaurants.

chocs chocs       chocs chocs 2        chocs chocs 3

 Quality is guaranteed with these Grade A Standard pralines and truffles, which can be stored for up to six months.

 Though why would you wait that long?   


AMERICAN candy now in stock
chocs away - hershey bar 
STATEMENT from Chocs Away!
"Stockton's premier independent sweet shop operates ONLY from 4 Silver Street, Stockton-on-Tees.
Others may try to imitate our success - but we are the original and the only, award-winning best."
Thanks to all my customers as Chocs Away! celebrated it's 1st anniversary on 18 August, working from 4 Silver Street. You've all made my first year very special.  x
Stockton's only *award winning Number 1* independent sweet shop
tel:  07572 487336
4 Silver Street (just off High St.), Stockton, TS18 1SX.
Have a look at the story on my 'news' tab about the time capsule found in the shop recently!
*200+ old-fashioned sweets*
 teddy biplane
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      BLAST from the PAST
                   200+ Sweets in pretty cones                    
 As good as you remember them...
PINATAS - excellent party centre pieces!
**contact me for further details..**
A good centre-piece for your special event.
A 3/4 size wheeled Candy Barrow with different awning designs available depending on your type of celebration.
I drop it off, then collect later that day or the day after.
Can be delivered at the venue, whether it's a hotel, club, centre, etc..
The Barrow comes with sweets of your choice in jars, bowls etc, together with serving forks/tongs.
Your guests can help themselves throughout the event and you can keep what they don't eat (though, this doesn't happen very often!). 
Come and see it in the shop and I can explain further what you can have it with.
If you're thinking of hiring it, don't leave it too late though! I've had to disappoint a few people recently as it was already booked for the date they wanted it for.
You'll be pleasantly suprised at how little it can cost against how much of a talking point centre piece it can be at your special event!

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