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CHOCS AWAY - the story so far...
WINNER - shop NEWCOMER 2011 - Stockton B.C.
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Thanks very much for visiting my site.
My name is Tracy and for the last 7 years I have ran my business: CHOCS AWAY!
Initially from my home workshop, and then for 6 months from premises on Stockton High Street, junction of Wellington Street,  I have been selling a large variety of Old-Fashioned Sweets, Fudge, sometimes Handmade Chocolate and and many other Special Gifts. 
At 10am, Saturday, 20th August, I'll be opening my very own shop at 4 Silver Street, Stockton! Just off the High Street with an Oompa Loompa and Willy Wonka!
I used to sell my goodies at craft fayres and other venues throughout the North East.
With my shop being in operation since this year, I don't do as many of these, but I will do some occasionally.
If you can't pop in and see me in my shop,
check my relevant page for forthcoming events and I'll look forward to seeing your there.

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